Welcome to June and this month’s news and tips!

June is the month of sunshine, celebrations, and fairies in the Northern Hemisphere. We breathe a little easier, have more fun, and begin seeing the seeds we planted in spring bloom. Nature is growing and abundant, the days are longer, and our energy is expansive, just like Mother Nature’s.

We celebrate the summer solstice (June 21st), a high holiday for fairies. Honor nature spirits, your spirit of place, and your animal spirit guides by adorning your yard and garden with flowers. Leave a small corner of your yard or under a tree untended – fairies adore “messy” and hidden places, where nature is allowed to run free. Give thanks to the trees, water, and even what most consider “weeds.” Plants like dandelions are actually incredibly healthy and helpful – bees, butterflies, and other pollinators need them. Consider reducing your use of weed killers and chemicals on your lawn.

In the Celtic Tree calendar, we honor Holly, a sacred tree to ancient Celts, and considered the winter abode for the wood spirits (dryads), and insured protection against ill fortune. Planted near a house, Holly offers protection of your home and those who live there. Celts used the word from the this tree to make spears. It is a champion and a protector, loyal to those who require her assistance. Holly increases love, brings luck, and promotes healing through the protection and sustenance of love in the community. What do you need to strengthen our resolve this month?

The spirit animal is the swan. This one represents male and female, the twins, and balance. Fiercely protective of its mate, young, and territory, few creatures are as loving and devoted.

The zodiac sign is the earth sign of Gemini, the twins. The twins embody the principle of movement toward unity, striving for wholeness, and bringing the inner male and female into unity. Unity comes from the acceptance and understanding of our polarities. We must do our shadow work and accept those negative aspects of ourselves to truly be whole. Unifying our duality, light and dark, conscious and subconscious, destruction and creation is our life’s work.

Mark your calendar: New moon is on the 28th; full moon is on the 14th. Don’t forget to write down your new moon wishes! 

💜 June is a month of becoming and tapping into your inner glow, just like the sun expresses itself on these long days. Find your internal beauty and shine a light on this growth season to honor your own internal power, as well as being thankful to the sun for the life it gives all of us.

🌻Honor the cycles and seasons with a morning or evening walk, putting your feet directly on the ground for a few minutes each day, or a picnic.

🧚‍♀️ Celebrate the solstice with a ritual or prayer, invoking the fairies and other nature spirits to bless your home and garden.

🐝 Tend the garden of your soul, as well as the one outside your back door. What needs weeding? What do you wish to fertilize and grow bountiful with? Shine light on what’s hidden so you can either remove it or tend to it.

🌻Enjoy celebrations, big and small, by being present. Slow down, kick off your shoes, and nurture yourself with natural elements.

June blessings,
Misty 💜