Welcome to April and this month’s news and tips!

April brings the new astrological year and welcomes spring in full force—singing birds, gentle breezes, more sunshine. The sacred feminine is represented in the image of a virgin maiden in a virgin forest. Personal sovereignty is encouraged to reclaim personal power in our lives and create what we desire. Healing and wellness are also emphasized.

 In the Celtic Tree calendar, the tree is Hawthorne, which represents cleansing, purity, and preparation for union and rebirth. It is associated with the fairy kingdom. This month encourages us to clean up our act, to let go of what no longer serves, indulge our passionate, playful side, and to treat our bodies, minds, and souls with sacred respect.

The spirit animals are white stag and unicorn. The divine feminine and priestesses of old ask you to honor the sacred inside you, tend to the hearth of the great mysteries, and direct your communications to the muses and great mother.

Aries likes to fire things up, get you moving. The seeds you’ve planted sprout and need watering. Spring cleaning, your inner world as well as your outer world, is assisted by this energy, as is launching new projects.

💜 April is a month of hope and renewal. Get outside, put your feet on the ground, and let go of the winter’s heavier energy. “Spring” into action and follow your intuition. Healing is often a result of love and forgiveness. Love yourself. Find compassion for your body and your past. Living a beautiful life is your birthright.

💎 Purify your space. Smudge, play music, open the windows and air things out. Possessions that don’t bring you joy can be donated or given away. Make space for the new.

💎 Break the bonds of energetic addictions with help from the archangels and fairies, especially if you’ve broken your original New Year’s resolutions. Now is the time to renew them.

💎 Spend time in nature and work with Stag and Unicorn magic to grow the seeds of love and peace in your world.

💎 Treasure your innocence and welcome your inner child into the garden of your heart. Play with unicorn and return to the magic of childhood, embracing fairies and the other realms.

Hawthorne trees can open up a deeper connection to your spiritual life. They can help you find love again, or love yourself again. They are an energy of renewal, joy, hope, and merriment.

They also offer a strong boundary with their sharp thorns. Call on them when you need protection and strength in a situation or relationship.

Read stories about the fairies, and consider writing a poem or song in their honor. Write your own fairytale! They also appreciate it when you leave a corner of your garden or yard wild and untamed for them to play in.

April blessings,
Misty 💜