Ways To Clear And Charge Your Crystals

Send the crystal energy – easy! Close your eyes, take a deep breath and hold the crystal. See a white light entering the top of your head, flowing down and entering your hands. Imagine the light is like a stream of water, washing over the stone and removing any unwanted energies. Do a second wash of healing energy. You may want to imagine a sunny yellow, green, or soft blue colored light.

Sage – smudging with white sage, or simply laying the crystal in dried sage leaves with remove negative energy. Sometimes I use rose petals or Himalayan salt. You don’t have to immerse the stone, simply set it on top for an hour or overnight.

Moonlight/sunlight – moonlight can clear and charge crystals. A new moon is about beginnings and offers the perfect time to clear a crystal and charge it with a new intention for the coming month. A full moon is about bringing things to fruition. It’s effective for releasing anything that doesn’t serve you. Indirect sunlight can often clear out negative energies, especially those picked up during shadow work. Direct sunlight is not recommended for colored crystals because it can cause fading.

Sound – using a singing bowl, drum, tuning fork, or playing binaural beats can clear crystals as well as tune their natural vibration to a specific chakra. You can even “om” and clear your crystal. There are chakra- and intention-centered music tracks on YouTube and iTunes. These tracks, as well as your musical instrument of choice, can clear the energies in a room or home, so let the music flow!

Other crystals – some crystals are said to be self-clearing and will clear other crystals as well. Selenite, citrine and clear quartz are among those that many believe never need clearing or recharging. Personally, I’ve broken a citrine by overusing it and not clearing it. I believe that all crystals benefit from clearing and charging, but perhaps those listed above need it less. Any crystals you use on a regular basis will do a better job if you treat them like a friend – show them TLC.

Salt/rice/water – since some stones are sensitive to water, especially raw crystals and Selenite, I recommend using the previously mentioned methods first. If you want to use salt or rice, use it dry and simply lay the crystal in a bed of the material. If you use water, hold the crystal in cool/lukewarm running water for a few seconds, then dry. Please do not soak crystals in salt water.

As with all things related to energy and crystals, no matter what method you use to clear your stones, set the intention in your mind first. “I clear this crystal of any energy that is not for my highest good.” Be creative and think outside the box. I have two statues that I charge with Reiki every week and set crystals on them to clear and charge. I also use color to clean and charge crystals!

Crystal blessings,


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