Tips for clearing, protecting, and recharging your energy!

Everything is energy. You, me, the physical world we see around us, as well as the invisible. Memories, emotions, our voice…it’s all energy that comes from Source, Creator, God, Universal Consciousness. You have a direct connection to this energy through your heart and can harness it to improve your life in all types of situations!

Send your awareness into your heart, and then visualize this loving heartspace energy flowing to your hands. Imagine a ball of glowing white light forming in the palm of one.  This is energy you can use to send love and healing to yourself and to others. You can send it mentally to a person, a thing, or a situation, or you can lay your hand(s) on the person or thing.

Here are some tips to use this beautiful Source energy in your everyday life to heal and bless you:

  1. Send it to your clothes for energy to help your day. You can use your clothing to stand out or blend in, and this energy can enhance both.
  2. Hold your hands over your food and imagine coating it with this light for healthy digestion and weight management.
  3. Send it to your makeup, lotions, and personal products to improve their benefits.
  4. Use it on medications to increase their effectiveness.
  5. Run your healing hands your bed to sleep better; your pillow if you want questions answered in your dreams.
  6. Imagine flooding your home and the property boundaries with this energy for protection. (If you’re a Reiki practitioner, draw Cho Ku Rei on the doors and entry points.)
  7. Form a bubble of it over your car before a trip.
  8. Send it to your pets, your plants, your appliances.
  9. Use your imagination to create a virtual garden where you can mentally invite pets and people in for healing sessions, seeing everything in the garden created with and infused with this healing energy. Works well to put yourself in the garden and receive healing too.
  10. Imagine sending this light into the past to ease emotional pains, awkward situations, and forgive people who caused you upset or who you may have harmed, even unintentionally.
  11. Imagine sending it to yourself in the future if you’re traveling, attending a meeting, going for a job interview.
  12. Run energy through your body at night when you can’t sleep.
  13. In the shower, imagine sparkling Source energy flowing down over you with the water, washing away anything that isn’t serving you. Allow it to cleanse your aura, and coat you in Divine protective energy. Or soak in energy-infused bath water. Feel free to add your favorite crystals, oils, and botanicals to compound the energy. Be sure to bless and thank the water for its assistance.
  14. In a charged situation with another person, imagine this compassionate, cooling energy raining over you and easing the tension. Ask Source to guide your thoughts, words, and steps.
  15. Charge your crystals, essential oils, and oracle/tarot cards with this energy. Same for contracts or other paperwork requiring you follow rules and regulations, so everything is done for your higher good.
  16. Infuse your laptop, phone, and other electronics with it.
  17. Create a healing *box* for people on your phone in your Notes app. Create a separate one for goals and dreams. You can also create a physical box and place a person’s name, crystal, etc., in it for healing.
  18. Send an energetic rain over your neighborhood, town, the entire country. Ask that it flow to those who need it and also flows to the Earth.
  19. For healthy weight management, place your palm and a ball of this energy on your solar plexus to balance what you take in and what is eliminated.
  20. Use this energy for any imbalances in the mind and body. Again, place your hand(s) on the head, temples, brain stem region, to balance the left and right sides of the brain, the front and back of the chakras, on the bottoms of the feet, etc.
  21. Infuse your clocks with it and ask that you have perfect timing all day or that everything comes to you in perfect time. Also, if you have a busy day ahead, ask that time expand to allow you to get done all that needs to get done.
  22. Use energy balls when creating a plan, designing a project, setting goals at the New Year or any time. Ask that the energy clear your third eye and activate your sacral chakra to help you manifest your desires into reality.
  23. Surround your email inbox (and your snail mail one too!), for both incoming and outgoing communications.
  24. Imagine an energy curtain over each entry point into your home. When coming home, stand for a few seconds in the curtain to decontaminate yourself and anything you bring inside.

I hope this gives you lots of ideas on how to clear, protect, and activate your energy! Which tip is most helpful for you?

Misty 💜