Soul Sessions With Misty 🌹

Soul Sessions
Hello beautiful Soul!

Are you on a journey find your Soul Purpose? To uncover truths about your life/past lives?

🌹 It’s time for you to recover lost pieces of yourself and heal on a deep, spiritual level. Remembering past lives and accessing them to assist you in this lifetime is one of the most important healing journeys you’ll ever experience.

Shamanism is based on the idea that healing at the spiritual level can cure illness in the physical world. Shamans are the bridge between the physical world or the ordinary reality and the spirit world or the non-ordinary reality. Shamans have the ability to bring healing powers from the spirit world to ordinary reality to heal people and help them achieve a higher state of consciousness.

According to shamanic wisdom, everyone is born with their whole essence or power. However, due to various negative experiences, spiritual and energetic imbalances, and soul loss, the essence gets reduced, which can lead to many adverse effects. To achieve wholeness and maintain health, the true essence needs to be brought back to the body. This is done through soul retrieval.

Through recovering and reintegrating the soul parts, soul retrieval enables a person to become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. It empowers an individual to find balance, create a life of harmony and reclaim their strength.

Accidents, abuse, neglect, major surgery, war, loss of a loved one, and being forced to act against one’s morals can lead to soul loss, in this lifetime as well as in past lives. In shamanism, all aspects of illness, be they physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, are treated the same. Soul retrieval helps a person to participate in their own healing process. Healing at a spiritual level inspires healing on other levels.

Are you ready to uncover your Truth?

Do you yearn to know your soul purpose here, and throughout all space and time?

🌹 Is it time to release old patterns and reunite with your Soul?

🌹 Would you like more happiness, freedom, and clarity NOW as well as healing the past and manifesting a bright future?

In order for me to be of authentic service and help you dig into the deepest layers of your Soul to uncover your purpose and guide you on your path, I have developed a multiple level approach to soul healing and growth.

Because I believe in the power of 3, I have created a triple-level offering that allows us to:

🌹 connect with your spirit guides

🌹 uncover the riches of your past lives

🌹 heal and release contracts and cords from those lifetimes AND work on ancestral healing

🌹 and journey into your future to gain insight into your beautiful life here and now.

You may choose to do Level 1 of the program or all three! Each requires a commitment to your Soul and should not be entered into lightly. We are going to do the work necessary to heal, release, and bless your lives across many lifetimes. And then we’re going to work on manifesting your best life ever!

Level I – Soul Seeds: Meeting Your Guides and Discovering Your Creation Story

**(Please note all sessions are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted and will be done via video chat)

Session 1- I will invite you to virtually enter into my shamanic cave and lead you on a journey to the Lower World to meet a power animal/guardian spirit. You will need to sit or lie comfortably in a space with no distractions as I guide you through a visualization. The Lower World guardian connects you to your physical world (the earth) and assists your journey by helping you learn and remember the lessons from your previous lives as we journey to retrieve lost pieces of your soul.

After the session, you will work with your guardian for 21 days to build a strong connection. This can be done during meditation, journaling, and dreamwork. I will provide you with prompts and questions to ask this guardian (like an interview!), and you’ll research their qualities and attributes to fully integrate their wisdom for future journeying work.

For instance, if a ladybug or tiger comes to you during the journey, you’ll look up their attributes as a totem and guardian and incorporate that into your mediations and journaling. Perhaps you’ll draw a picture of your guardian, print one from the Internet to hang on your refrigerator or mirror. You’ll invite them to visit you in dreams and show you signs and messages during your night dreams as well as waking dreams. It’s all about building a connection in your everyday life with them so they can fully aide you in your past life regression work.

Session 2 – I will invite you into my shamanic cave once again and lead you on a journey to the Upper World to meet your spirit teacher for this work. Spirit teachers can be angels/lightbeings, ancestors, ascended masters, or gods and goddesses. You will need to sit or lie comfortably in a space with no distractions as I guide you with a visualization and music.

As you did after your Lower World guardian, you’ll work with this spirit teacher for 21 days to build a strong connection through journaling, meditation, and dreamwork.

Session 3 – Now the fun really begins! I will lead you on a journey to your Inner World and unveil YOUR creation story. Each of us has one, regardless of the creation stories we’ve learned in our families, religions, and cultures. This is YOUR story, not the collective’s. You will need to sit or lie comfortably as I guide you with a visualization.

First, you will meet what I refer to as The Big Soul, the origin of all that is, and experience unconditional love from this creator. Then we will trace your spirit’s journey into the world of form. You may have originally taken form on this planet as an animal or human, or you may be a Star Seed from another planet. We will use theta-level frequencies and the Akashic Records to delve into your soul’s mission and purpose for leaving The Big Soul and becoming a unique spirit. This becomes your Soul Blueprint, and offers much needed soul path guidance in all areas of your life.

As one of my clients recently said, this session was “awesomely mind blowing!”

Level 2 – Soul Time: Soul Regression and Healing

*Prerequisite Level 1

Session 1 – Single life soul regression. In this session, I will regress you to a previous life based on your past life birth chart analysis, and we will call on the guardian and spirit guide you connected to in Level 1 to assist us.

Here you will observe what your life was like and reveal the skills and talents you mastered in this past lifetime, as well as the challenges you experienced. These insights will assist you in understanding your current soul gifts and any lessons you may still need to complete in this lifetime to resolve old karma or debts.

Session 2 – Healing and removal of contracts and cords. Now that we understand one of your past lives in better detail, you can integrate those past skills to help in this current life. During this session, I will bring you into my shamanic cave and perform a healing session, removing cords and closing out contracts between you and others/situations that were established in the past life. I will call back any soul pieces lost in this previous time and restore them to your present day Soul. If you are in need of ancestral healing, I will also check for programming, conditioning, and other traumas your ancestors absorbed and passed on to you in your DNA. I will activate the codes of healing in your physical and energetic DNA and clear, delete, and release it. You will come out of this session feeling lighter and more at peace.

(Session 2 can be performed as many times as needed to delve into individual past lives and clear ancestral DNA.)

Session 3 – This is a special, personalized ceremony to bless and release your previous lifetime, fully integrating the lessons it has taught and bringing closure so you can move forward in a state of wholeness.

Ritual and ceremony are an important and integral part in shamanic soul retrieval and this last step will celebrate the work you’ve done to heal yourself, preparing space for the next stage in your journey.

I will provide a list of tools you can use during the ceremony and a personalized script for you to work with to perform the blessing, including how to invoke the four directions and elements. You can perform the ceremony on your own or I will be happy to witness and lead you through it.

This is an amazing spiritual ritual that prepares you to begin your next leg of the journey – manifesting the life you want.

Level 3 – 🌟 Soul Super Star: Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose

*Prerequisite Levels 1 & 2

Session 1 – We are now looking to your future – the future of this lifetime and in your next one! In this session, I will ask you to lie down and relax. That’s all you have to do. While you rest, I will perform an energetic body scan and healing of your spiritual DNA and light codes.

Consisting of light and vibration, the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) is a matrix surrounding the physical body of all living beings. It holds the record of the emotional, physical and spiritual traumas. The Luminous Energy Field is also known as a halo or aura.

The LEF determines what a person manifests in their body and the outside world. This field acts as a blueprint that creates and informs the physical bodies and mind. The LEF contains information, stored in the form of imprints about a person’s genetic histories, illnesses, the health of their relationships and determine how they will heal, age and die. This blueprint can cause a person to repeat the same conditions again and again in their life. The Luminous Energy Field becomes weakened due to negative emotions and memories of trauma. This can lead to imbalances at the physical, mental and emotional levels.

These imprints in the energy fields need to be cleared before they manifest as illnesses in the body. When the toxic energy is cleared, a person can regain their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and lead a rewarding life.

Shamanic healing clears imprints left by past illnesses and traumatic events and allows a person to operate at their highest level. By clearing the energy block, one can achieve holistic healing.

Light codes are your personal energetic frequency transmissions, your energetic or spiritual fingerprints. Just like your physical body has DNA code, your Soul has spiritual “light codes” that carry your overarching purpose. They are totally unique, just like you.

Often times these codes have been damaged or suppressed, making us feel disconnected, stressed out, and confused. These codes are in your system, already sending out your unique language, although some of them may be dormant. By (re)activating specific codes and setting intentions for them, you can heal yourself, others, and even our planet.

I will send divine light into your system to heal, activate, and help you express your light codes more fully, clearing blockages from your LEF to allow a full integration of light. As a bonus, you will be provided with a free PDF of my workshop Connect With Your Soul Purpose.

Session 2 – Now that your light codes are “online”, it’s time to gain perspective about the big picture you’re living. During this session, you can choose to merge with a spirit helper, a star, or meet yourself in a parallel dimension. We will call in your guardian and guide like always to protect and assist you, and we will use quantum physics to drop into the Void of Pure Potentiality in order to begin creating a future you desire that is in alignment with your Soul purpose.

Session 3 – Play time! You now have the tools and insights to journey to future lives and learn from yourself and/or your descendants. In this session, we will fill you with gratitude and bliss and allow your spirit to fly.

This is powerful healing in its own right – your future self and descendants may perform a healing on you or teach you advanced healing methods from the future that you can use right now. This session gives you the ability to “see”, “feel”, and experience the life you were born to live NOW, and access future lives where the current healing work has a profound affect.


💎 So what do you say, beautiful Soul? Are you ready to dive in and see where this journey leads?

Because this work is very in-depth and personalized, it’s recommended that you do each session a minimum of 21 – 30 days apart in order to integrate everything you’re going to learn. That ends up being a once-a-month endeavor for nine months. If you commit to all three levels, you can expect to spend approximately nine months “remembering” who you are and birthing a whole new YOU.

The investment for each session is $300 and the enrichment the program will bring to your life is priceless. Remember, this is tailored for your personal journey and you can choose to do one, two, or all three levels.

You will receive bonus tools and materials you can continue to use on your own, powerful invocations and blessings written especially for you, the free workshop booklet, and insight into living and creating a rewarding, empowered life based on your Soul’s blueprint and overarching purpose throughout all its incarnations, past, present, and future.

The pieces of your soul lost in other lifetimes will be restored and you will live with renewed energy and groundedness. Your connection to The Big Soul will be refreshed and your spirit will soar.

Is it time to invest in yourself? I believe in you and you should too. You’re worth it!

Let’s chat! A FREE half hour phone consultation is available to see if we mesh and for you to ask questions. You can also reach me at If you’re ready to say YES to your soul, please fill out this form and I will get back to you in 24 hours to set up our first session:

I look forward to working with you!

Love & light,
Misty 💜


Misty is a shamanic soul practitioner, priestess, energy healer, psychic medium, and animal lover! She is certified and experienced in many areas, including chakra healing, astrology, yoga, Reiki, tarot and oracle cards, and crystals. Her Soul mission on the planet is to help and serve others on their journey.