Tapping into the small magic

Because we are both spiritual and physical beings, we’ve got a TON of things going on in the realm of the unseen.

Our minds and psyche are stuffed full of thoughts, beliefs, intuition, imagination, and our body is brimming with emotions (some aren’t even ours.) They say that 95% of what goes on in the world is INVISIBLE. Yet, you’re being hit by those energies constantly.


All of these things affect our physical reality here on earth.


Why are you always stressed? Why are you always tired? Are you actually physically tired because you can’t sleep, or are you mentally weary, worn down by the world? Are you emotionally exhausted?


The thoughts, beliefs, and emotions we don’t consciously choose or reject, we unconsciously choose and accept.

Think about that for a moment. Your subconscious, your aura, your energy is constantly being bombarded with demands from the world around you.

You should think this, fight that, act this way. You are a breathing sponge that soaks it all up, especially if you’re not protecting your energy.

Many folks fear their intuition and psychic gifts, afraid they’ll open themselves up to things best left alone, but your intuition and inner guidance is unbelievably accurate and helpful at keeping you OUT of trouble.

If you’re an empath, it’s even more important to learn about your abilities, learn to trust them, and employ daily routines to protect your heart, your mind, and your natural loving self.

Are you a healer? Same goes for you. If you’re a teacher, mentor, friend, or partner, your energy is SO important. If you’re taking care of everyone around you, and not taking care of yourself, you’re going to burn out.


Your intuition should be your 1st sense, not your 6th. It’s your natural, internal GPS system. It’s your specific intranet, your beautiful, unique guidance aligning you with the blueprint of your Soul.

One of my mentors often says it’s the small magic of everyday inner work that makes the big magic happen in the 3D world.

How do we tap into the small magic? For me, it’s through nature. The Great Mother has all the medicine we need to comfort, replenish, and create. Simply putting my bare feet on the ground, looking up at the sky, and tuning into her instantly soothes my central nervous system. I feel my personal connection to the Divine Soul and Source of all there is. It reminds me of the deep space within where I can listen to what my Soul is asking for.


Will you do something for me right now? Try this simple exercise:

Imagine a beautiful, sacred red rose. You’re right in the center of it, lying inside. The petals are soft and smell amazing. The stem is grounding down into Mother Earth, connecting all the way down to the center crystal in her core.

Are you feeling the need to withdraw and rest? Ask the petals to close in, cocooning you and your energy as you breathe deeply. This is especially good to do before you fall asleep.

Do you want to recharge? Ask the petals to open wider and only allow divine white light to enter. Feel it filling you up, the petals glowing, while you lie in this sacred, protected space.

Stay here as long as you like, knowing that the rose is a high-vibrational energy. Any time you need to clear or protect your energy, place yourself back in the center of your sacred flower and let it safeguard and shield you mentally, psychically, and emotionally.

To become the person you were born to be, you need to take action steps to delve deep into your identity, your values, and your belief systems. You must shift your energy into a deeper space of abundance and purpose. By doing this, you create a road map. You find yourself and connect anew with your Soul.

It’s time to let pain and mistrust go.

It’s time to break free from the traditional patriarchal systems and old paradigm, and embrace your inner light. To shine it brightly, because you are a part of the Great Spirit. You have a divine destiny and it’s calling to you.

You are not alone. You’re supported by the Great Spirit, Mother Nature, and by me. And your greatest ally? YOURSELF.

If you need help getting in touch with your spirit, trusting your abilities, or if any of this resonates with you but you’re a bit intimidated because you don’t know how to take the first (or next) step on your journey, please consider signing up for one of my offerings.

Soul blessings,


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