Yearly Forecast 2022 – Love, Career, Health


Do you have questions about what might happen with your health, relationships, or career next year? Do you have a decision to make in the New Year and don’t know which option is for your highest good?

πŸ’œ 2020 certainly took many folks by surprise, leaving us feeling lost and not in control of our own personal world. The collective dramas around the world crushed our spirits, left us searching for our truth and purpose. 2021 has been better for some, worse for others. Many have felt lost as they re-enter the world; some have renewed purpose but are unsure how and where to start.

Now is the time to call your power back and get ready for next year! πŸ’œ
My yearly psychic forecast sessions are now open. During a 60-minute video chat, you will get a month-by-month personalized forecast of what to expect from the energies coming in 2022.

πŸ’Ž Bonus: I will draw an oracle card to tell you what your overall theme is for the year!

Ready to book your session today?

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