March Into Wellness

Welcome to March and this month’s news and tips!

March is a month of in-between-ness. In the Northern Hemisphere, the hint of spring teases us, but winter has not fully lost her grip. It’s a transformative month, shifting us from the introspective winter to the promise of spring’s new life. 

In the Celtic Tree calendar, the tree is ash, known as the “World Tree” in cultural myths worldwide. The roots of this symbol run deep (pun intended) and it links our inner and outer worlds, providing spiritual sustenance as well as grounding in the material plane. As below, so above. As within, so without. The ash tree, as well as humanity, holds the keys (its seeds are shaped like them!) to bridge consciousness from the cosmos with the physical realm.

The spirit animal is dolphin, associated with the lost/mythical city of Atlantis. In astrology, we’re in Pisces season and the symbol is the dual fish swimming in opposite directions. This again symbolizes “as within, so without,” and encourages us to merge our dreams and visions with reality, to unite the opposites within us and live in unity and harmony with our higher self.

Some may feel more sensitive this month, others will feel more rooted. With Neptune ruling Pisces, it’s a great time to tune into your imagination, especially at the new moon, log your dreams in your journal, and enjoy your heightened imagination.

💜 In this season, higher vibrations, or keys, of spiritual wellness, forgiveness, healing, and unconditional love take center stage. Surrender and compassion are also keys here. The universe wants you to know that you are a powerful creator, so tap into the world tree and do your job! Embrace creativity. Plant seeds for the future. Envision a world that you want to live in.

💎 Be open and receptive to your intuition.

💎 Take your time to follow your course of discovery. Allow this month’s energy to bring forth your inner fire and inspiration.

💎 Take time out to question the nature of things around you. Here is a breath of fresh air, new wisdom, and possibility. You have all the keys you need to unlock them.

💎 Find your inner muse and get to know him/her. Your muse will offer help, inspiration, direction, and guidance.

The Celtic God, Odin, hung upside down nine days on the world ash tree and was able to access the primordial feminine wisdom during this time. Imagine yourself hanging upside down from the world tree and reexamine your life with fresh perspective. What will your journey reveal?

The dolphin is like the ash in that it supports us during difficult situations, or in any self-imposed inaction, such as gaining new perspective on our life in meditation (in effect, hanging upside down on the tree). Dolphins are always willing to provide compassionate intervention and help, and they will buoy us up and keep us afloat if we are treading water. Dolphin is our biggest fan, full of joy, faith, and encouragement. Tap into the totem of Dolphin and enjoy their medicine. Here is one of my favorite YouTube videos featuring the healing calls of Dolphin and Whale:

March blessings,
Misty 💜