Kicking off the year with vision!

Welcome to January 2022 and this month’s news and tips!

Happy New Year! This is always an exciting and energetic time, when we embrace new beginnings and create new goals. We have 12 fresh months, 365 new days, ahead of us. On this day, they seem precious and tender, and we value them more strongly at this threshold to the new year before with the richness and opportunities they contain. So much potential and so many possibilities await!

January 1st is the solar New Year, the tree is alder, the spirit animals are birds such as wrens, kingfisher, and raven. Many also embrace Dragon and Phoenix at this time, their fiery energy perfect for transformation and New Year’s fireworks! (Dragon is the guardian of our well-being and possessions, both inner treasures and material assets.) In astrology, we’re in Capricorn season and the symbol is the mountain goat.

💜 It is a time for setting goals, being practical and responsible. Put your dreams into action; embrace your innate leadership skills. Be ambitious and dream, look at the big picture and use the fiery dragon energy to embrace your passions. Strategy, efficiency, and purging the old to make way for the new is recommended.

The energy of this month aids us in embracing our skills and letting them shine. Power, authority, and leadership step forward. The solar new year is a good time to consult an oracle—cards, a psychic, or any form of divination you prefer. Seeking guidance outside yourself and show you a whole new path!

💜 Doing a 13-moon tarot/oracle spread can give you a forecast for the coming year’s energy.

💎 Be willing to start fresh. Let the past rest, allow it to simply be.  

💎 Nurture new habits and use affirmations to support you 

💎 Invite the birds as allies, let them lift you up to gain a higher perspective and see the possibilities available to you

💎 Seek counsel and clarification by scrying, doing tarot, visiting a psychic

Embrace efficiency and big picture thinking. Delve into your personal power, inventory your wealth and possessions, being grateful for them, and share those blessings with others.

Think about what you can do this year to help others, knowing that what you do to bring abundance to the world comes back to you tenfold.

Create a vision board, institute new habits, set goals. Then also make sure you have the support of friends and family to help you stick to them. If you often have trouble holding yourself to your goals and new habits, consider having a Reiki session, or setting up a crystal grid to assist you. Do yoga and meditate every day. All of these are excellent energy tools to help you release bad habits and addictions and make space for new ones, giving you the confidence and determination to keep the promises you’ve made to yourself when it comes to your health and well-being. Invoke Dragon to help you as well.

January blessings,
Misty 💜

P.S. Set up a psychic reading or 2022 forecast session with me to see what energies are surrounding you this year!