February Energy Tips

Welcome to February and this month’s tips!

February includes the cross-quarter holiday of Imbolc falling on February 2nd, , which in modern times is also Groundhog Day. It’s also the month of love and Valentine’s Day.

The tree is willow, the spirit animals are Bee and Dove. In astrology, we’re in Aquarius season and the symbol is the water bearer, who gives life and spiritual food to the world. Seeds are beginning to awaken and our bodies are ready to come out of hibernation. To breathe in fresh ideas.

💜 In this watery season, it’s a good time to focus on the feminine aspect of our lives and tap into the regenerative healing of water. Nurture those dreams and any seeds you planted during the deep winter months. It’s a fertile time. Water them, so they are ready to grow in the coming months of spring.

The energy of this month brings feminine power, heightened creativity, intuition, fertility, and healing. Unity, harmony, going with the flow, and seeking cooperation and peace will root the seeds of your desires and nourish them.

💎 Pay attention to your dreams and inner knowing. Both may be more vivid.

💎 Be receptive to love in all its many forms, and be sure to honor and love yourself in all ways.

💎 Meditate and invite creativity into your everyday life

💎 Allow the watery energy to carry you, heal, and inform you through your psychic senses.

Embrace your emotions but don’t drown in them. Let the feelings go, move on, and welcome your inner cycles.

In the beehive, the queen’s health and fertility directly affect the entire colony’s survival. Bees are an example of how we can live and work together for the benefit of all. And honey is an excellent food source!

Take a moment or two this month to consider how your health and well-being affect those around you. Are you offering sweetness, to yourself and those in your life? It’s time to nourish your body, mind, and heart.

February blessings,
Misty 💜