Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is known as the messenger governing communications, the mind, intellect, and also technology. When the planet goes retrograde, it appears to be moving backward in the sky.

This tends to effect electronics, transportation, and communication of all kinds, whether in person or via email, text, fax, snail mail, or social media. Our judgment becomes cloudy and we make more errors – so it’s not an ideal time to start new projects, sign contracts, or buy a new computer. Software may malfunction, texts may go awry, messages can get scrambled.

Our hot buttons are easily pushed because we are more sensitive to our shadow shelf, and we may find ourselves being misunderstood or confronted by others who are upset, worried, and/or angry. We can become more forgetful and get easily frustrated.

That doesn’t mean you can’t survive and even thrive during the weeks of the retrograde. You just need to tune in, pay more attention to details, and double check plans.

Slow down. Reorganize. Reevaluate. Have a lot of patience with yourself, others, and even your electronics!

Crystals that can help during this period include:

Angelite – helps with all forms of communication and is very protective

Hematite and/or Labradorite – helps stop EMF pollution, which can amplify the retrograde effects on technology; good to place near computer, cell phone, etc.

Fluorite – aids in concentration and paying attention to details

Blue Lace Agate – promotes clear, calm communication

Black Tourmaline – grounds and centers, helping to stop negative and chaotic energy; protective

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