Crystal Mineral Salt – Not Just for Cooking!

Salt has spiritual significance as a protective and purifying agent. It deflects negativity and represents the earthly or bodily plane in ceremonies and rituals.

Epsom salt has been used for hundreds of years in baths and foot soaks as a healing agent and pain reliever. Himalayan salt, also known as pink halite, has gentle, but strong grounding and centering energies and is said to bring abundance and prosperity into a home. Salt lamps are good for this reason.

Salts evoke healing and protective qualities on all levels, both subtle and physical. They evoke clarity of mind, better breathing, and increased energy.

Personally, I use epsom and Himalayan salts in my bath at least once a week to draw out toxins. I add rose petals, lavender, and essential oils to make it relaxing and healing. I also place a few tumbled crystals in the water to compound the energy, and put on my favorite soothing music. (*Note that soft crystals should not be placed in water or salt because they could be damaged.) My father used to put epsom salts around his plants to keep bugs out of them.

I have also used Himalayan salt to cleanse crystals when I feel they’ve absorbed a lot of negativity or have been in a toxic environment. I only do this with tumbled crystals and only set them in a bed of the salt for a short time to be sure it doesn’t damage them.

If you don’t have a salt lamp, you can still place cups of salt around your house to clear the air and protect your space, changing them out as needed. This is especially helpful if you can’t smudge.

Please be sure to keep them out of the reach of children and pets.

💎 Nurture yourself with a crystal mineral salt foot bath or full-on soak in the tub and release toxins and improve your health at the same time.

Crystal blessings,

Misty 💜

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