Clearing Your Energy and Space Is A Must!

We’re surrounded by others’ energies and the energies of the spaces we occupy. These energetic forces affect us in many ways – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Many of us carry the heavy energies and burdens of those we love and the world around us, including energy that doesn’t belong to or resonate with us. This results in fatigue, irritation, moodiness, insomnia, and emotional upheavals that seem to make no sense. You are not the originator of everything you feel and think. Sometimes, you’ve simply picked up energy that isn’t yours, which explains why, at times, your feelings and reactions don’t seem to make sense.

Energetic clearing and purifying is an ancient practice that is still important today in your daily life – at home, work, in your vehicle – the places you spend most of your time. Clearing low vibrations and stuck energies creates a peaceful and positive environment, within and without.

Smudging, or burning incense or resins are a time-tested method for energetically (and sometimes physically) cleansing a space, but sometimes, they’re not an option. Serious allergies, intolerances, regulations about smoking, etc, can prohibit smudging, and some people simply don’t enjoy it. Smokeless energetic clearing options are available.

Smudge Spray

Smudge spray clears your space and fills the air with fragrance. You can buy smudge spray or make your own. White sage oil and Palo Santo are ideal ingredients. White sage oil, which calls in light and keeps lower vibrations away, also has healing properties and has been used as a natural antimicrobial to purify and cleanse. Palo Santo literally means sacred wood and is used by South American indigenous tribes as medicine and to diffuse unwanted energies for centuries. You can add lavender, rose, and/or rosemary oils and mix with witch hazel to create your personal spray.

Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt

Salt has forever been associated with cleansing and renewal. Add two or three handfuls of sea, Epsom, or Himalayan salt to a tub of bathwater along with a few drops of essential oil and fresh or dried rose petals and lavender. Add your favorite crystals, light a candle, and put on music such as binaural beats. You can also set out bowls of salts around your house (out of the reach of small children and pets) to clear the air and set crystals in the bowls to clear them.

Himalayan salt rock is used to release attachments, and recommended for those working in stressful environments. Himalayan salt releases negative ions, which is a good thing. Today’s modern environment is saturated with pollutants, including electromagnetic waves, which carry a positive charge. This salt keeps the air around you cleansed and balanced. Place salt rock pieces or lamps anywhere you want to absorb negative energy and cleanse the area. Salt lamps are especially useful, because warm salt crystal emits a higher number of negative ions, delivering a more efficient ionizing effect.


Fire has been used for eons by both ancient and modern cultures to dispel darkness, banish negative spirits, and clear away unwanted energy. Any time you light a candle, invoke the presence of Divine spirit energy. Running a crystal through the flame is another way of clearing the stone’s energy.

Charging Water

The element of water is a wonderful conductor of energy, and just like bathing with salts and crystals to detox, you can charge the water you drink to aid you in this process as well and make you healthier. Use a tumbled stone of your choosing, making sure to thoroughly wash it, and place it in a pitcher or glass of filtered water. Remove the crystal before you drink the water to avoid choking. You can also increase the charge by placing the (covered) container of water outside or in a window to soak up the sunlight, moonlight, and/or starlight.

Crystal Clearing Grid

Using crystals around your space is a surefire way to keep high vibrating energies in, and low vibrating energies out. Gridding serves as a protective energetic force field, promoting safety and peace. Selenite, Black tourmaline, Blue Calcite, Smokey Quartz are effective for home gridding. Placing a Selenite tower in the center of the home evokes peace evenly through the rooms. Combining Selenite sticks and Black Tourmaline in the four corners protects from negativity. Blue Calcite and Smokey Quartz at each door keep negative energy from coming in on you and others who enter the house. Burying Smokey Quartz, Black Tourmaline, or other earthy crystals, such as Jaspers, at the corners of your property, help block geopathic and electromagnetic stress. Watch my video on this here.

Sound – Bells, Chimes, Singing Bowls, Voice

Sound vibrations break up stagnant energy. Chimes, bells, singing bowls, drums, or rattles to move energy sonically. And don’t underestimate the power of your voice. You do not need to be a talented singer to cast forth your voice and shift vibrations. Chanting, humming, and simple sounds such as “OM” can be used to connect with Divine, cosmic energy and raise your vibration. Making noise releases energy that needs to be freed.


Your most effective tools for anything are your mind, your breath, and your hands. Visualization, deep breathing, and energy work are effective smudging alternatives. If you’re a Reiki practitioner, draw the Cho Ku Rei symbol on your doors and windows, visualize a curtain of energy in each door so that every time you or someone else passes through it, you’re being cleansed. Reiki everything in your space from the bed you sleep in to the food you eat. Reiki your pets, your electronics, your jewelry and crystals.

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