10 Ways To Use Your Crystals Every Day

10 Ways To Use Your Crystals Every Day

Crystals are a wonderful tool to use EVERY day. Think of them as a group of friends who support and love you with their energetic vibrations, helping to calm, heal, and enlighten you with their wisdom. Would you leave a friend in a drawer or cabinet? They probably wouldn’t like that, would they? But if you have a generous collection of crystals, what do you do with them?

1. Carry in your pocket, purse, or tuck inside your bra.

Skin contact is great, but even having a crystal near you will allow the energetic frequencies to entrain yours. Place your crystal(s) in the places you are most likely to see and touch them throughout the day.

2. Dedicate a medicine/mojo bag to your magical work.

Place stones, flowers, and other talismans in a small decorative bag. The crystals can be switched out according to your intuition, the movement of the planets, or your intentions for the day. You can place under your pillow, carry in your purse, or place in your car for travel protection.

3. Sleep with them.

Place selenite, amethyst, or your favorite spirit crystal under your pillow or bed to bring sweet dreams and connect to spirit.

4. Meditate with them.

Crystals aid mediation, allowing your central nervous system to calm, clearing your mind, and connect with Source. Hold them in your hands or place around you in a grid.

5. Infuse your water.

Add shungite to water, tea, or other beverages to filter the liquid. Or place your favorite stones near a glass pitcher of water to infuse the water with healing properties (the crystal’s frequencies will transfer to the water through the glass since water is a natural transmitter). **Please note that some crystals are unsafe to use directly in water, such as malachite, so research, research, research!

6. Make a grid.

Grids are arrangements of stones designed to raise energy for a specific purpose, and you can use any variety of symbols for the design. Place a crystal in the center and then set other crystals around it facing the four cardinal directions or points on your grid. Infuse the grid with Reiki (love) when you’re done and be prepared to receive your wishes! Grids are perfect on an altar, under your bed, or displayed on a special bookshelf or table.

7. Carry crystals in your car.

As mentioned above, placing a bag with specific crystals in your car is a great way to use their protective energies. Black tourmaline repels negative energies. Yellow jasper keeps your car and its driver grounded and alert. Tiger’s eye repels reckless drivers and blue lace agate prevents accidents.

8. Adorn yourself.

Crystals love to be worn every day!

9. Use as home decor.

Crystals add beauty to your home and office space. Add flowers, candles, family photos or other adored items to make attractive vignettes that soothe and comfort. Align a set of chakra crystals in a window or place a set of them on a tray. Have fun with using your friends to add color to your world and raise the vibration of all who enter there. If you enjoy Feng Shu, place specific crystals around the home in accordance to what you’re trying to attract into your life.

10. Add to your plants to improve your green thumb.

House plants and outdoor plants love crystals! Green aventurine, green calcite, quartz, agates, and others direct specific energies into your plants that will promote growth and vibrancy.

Have fun and be creative! Your crystal friends will show their appreciation by raising your vibration and spreading health and happiness everywhere you go!

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