Hi Beautiful Soul! I'm Misty Dawn and I'm so glad your soul found its way here. Welcome home!

Divination Expert, Soul Coach, & Sacred Business Mentor

πŸ’Ž Your soul is like a multifaceted crystal with many sides to it, some you can’t see without help!


I’d love to show you how to see all your beauty, get clear on

your soul’s purpose,


and teach you how to create

a joyful and successful life

based on that purpose πŸ’Ž


Β Do you search for answers? Has your faith been shaken? Are you unsure where to start to connect with your spirit?

My specialties include coaching from a soul level, mediumship, and oracle card readings.
I’d love to help you find answers, connect with your loved ones in spirit, or simply figure out your next step.



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