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Are you looking for your true love? Your soul mate? Wonder whether you should stick it out with a current relationship or find a new one? Do you have questions about your partnership or where it’s going?
I am a certified Love & Romance card reader through the Psychic Healing Academy and my personal philosophy is looking at relationships on a soul level.
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Distant Healing Sessions

Are you ready to feel calm, energized, and empowered?  

Using the beautiful, natural elements of Reiki healing with crystal energy and sound therapy, my sessions will help you sleep better, experience more love and prosperity in your life, and protect you from the energy vampires that drain you everyday. 
Ever wondered why you have certain triggers, birthmarks, or connections to places and people you don’t understand?
Consider scheduling a Past Life Birth Chart Analysis!
This analysis is a way to discover your past lives without the need for regression. It can give you fascinating insight into past lives, places, and people you may have been or interacted with! It offers a unique opportunity to work with your soul and its purpose. Understanding the past will help tremendously while you navigate the here and now!


“Misty’s knowledge is beyond impressive. She hasn’t just memorized details, she KNOWS what she’s talking about on a deeper level.”


💜 Why combine crystals and Reiki? 💜

I love crystals and Reiki both, and use them in compound energy healing sessions to help people and animals raise their natural energetic frequency, balance their chakras, (energy centers) and strengthen their auras. I offer videos, grids, workshops, and intuitive crystal readings. Each of my videos combine crystals, Reiki, and sound therapy. The grids combine sacred geometry, crystals, and Reiki. I offer intuitive crystal readings to help you answer questions about your life purpose, challenges you are facing, and to connect with your spirit guides. Workshops are held several times a year, both in-person and online.

Commonly asked questions:

What is Crystal Healing? 

Crystals are energy, just like you! They are elemental tools from the Earth to help you balance your body’s chakras and raise your natural energetic vibration. Crystal healing uses the frequency of the stones to affect positive, healing energy flow in the body. This can help with health matters, relationships, getting rid of old, outdated modes of thinking, and bringing in prosperity, joy, and abundance to your life!

We all consist of electromagnetic energy. Crystals exist in your watch, your cell phone, your TV, and your computer. When holding a crystal, your frequency interacts with the crystal, creating a Piezoelectric effect. The crystal vibrates and the energy it creates can be transmitted to your chakras (energy centers) and auras, opening and balancing your body, mind, and heart.

What is Reiki? 

Reiki is an energy healing modality that clears and balances your chakras and aura by channeling life force energy from Source. It can help you release stress, raise your body’s healing frequency, and be more at peace with your life.


“Misty is an amazing person. She has helped me with Reiki so many times and also has helped my family. She generously shares her knowledge of crystals and how to use them and has made a number of wonderful videos that help with a variety of issues. I purchased one of her videos recently and use it frequently. I love it! Misty is full of love and light and it shows in everything that she does. My experiences with Misty have been incredible from a reading that she did for me to her Reiki healing. Truly a wonderful spirit!”

💜 Crystal Reiki works on the physical, emotional, and mental levels to empower you to live your best life and manifest abundance. 💜

How can Crystal Reiki help you?

💜Reduce stress

💜Improve sleep

💜Boost energy naturally

💜Boost immune system

💜Resolve emotional issues

💜Manifest abundance and prosperity

💜Attract loving and supportive relationships

💜Open your intuitive center to receive guidance from your Higher Self.


“I took a crystal pendulum class with Misty and she knew the exact crystal that would work well with me. She is clearly gifted with strong, reliable intuition, and I would recommend her workshops and services to anyone.”

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**Please note Crystal Reiki sessions are not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement it. These videos are not to be used as a prescription, diagnosis, or treatment. The information provided is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Crystal Reiki sessions are not an independent therapy, but one that is part of a holistic healing approach.

Reiki is a powerful healer and many people who experience it want it share it with others. Through donations, each time you share a Reiki healing, you receive a healing too. It’s like a bonus of healing coming back to you! If you would like to donate to Crystals With Misty’s Give a Healing, Get a Healing program, which sponsors her FREE YouTube videos for all, please donate any amount by clicking on the PayPal button. Thank you and Crystal Reiki blessings!